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Chickpea mmm

Total 16sp with potato, 12sp without.

I'm not a fan of chick peas but this recipe was cooked for me and it was delicious!

One can drained chickpea,(7sp)
Tablespoon of olive oil (5sp)
medium chopped onion,
medium chopped fresh tomato,
half teaspoon. garam masala, cumin, & turmeric
one teaspoon each of ginger and garlic
Salt and chilli as needed,
Red pepper - optional
Medium diced potato - optional (4sp)

Add onions to pan, with a tablespoon of olive oil, soften onion and then add all spices, stir quickly and add chick peas. Then stir, add tomatoes and stir

Add some water and let cook on slow heat till peas get soft. You can then add red pepper and cook another 5 mins.

If you want to add potato, use one med diced potato and add when adding chick peas