Bev's Happy Owls

Butternut squash, pasta & stilton

Serves 4, 14sp per serving
23g blanched almonds (or pinenuts) (4sp)
1 butternut squash peeled & cubed about 2cm sq
5 slices streaky bacon (9sp)
3tbsp sherry (2sp)
125ml water
tsp paprika
3 diced onions
Low fat oil spray
260g papperdelle pasta (or any pasta) (25sp)
100g stilton (or any blue cheese) (16sp)
1 red pepper from a jar (or use fresh and add at same time as butternut squash)

Use a big non stick frying pan with a lid (if you haven’t got a lid use a baking tray on top of the pan does the same thing just gets hotter!) Squirt two pumps of WW oil and fry onions until softish, then add streaky bacon and paprika. (about 5 mins total) Add butternut squash, sherry and water and cook for 20 minutes until squash is cooked (not too soft). After about 15m add the pepper from jar.

In the meantime cook your pasta for as long as it says on packet. Crumble stilton and break up almonds. When pasta cooked, keep a cup of the water to one side, and drain the rest.

Stir this into the squash mixture and add a little of the water if needed to loosen it up a bit. Then add crumbled stilton and almonds, stir and serve.