Bev's Happy Owls

Blue Cheese Chicken

Serves 4, 5sp per serving

4 medium skinless chicken breasts (7sp)
50g blue cheese crumbled (8sp)
2 tbsp low fat mayo (3sp)
4 slices wafer thin ham (1sp)
1 tsp olive oil (2sp)
salt & freshly ground pepper

Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/190C line a baking tray with non stick baking parchment.

Make slits along the length of each chicken breast to form deep pockets. Place the blue cheese in a small bowl with the majo and seasoning, and mix together thoroughly. Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into each chicken breast pocket.

Wrap a slice of wafer thin ham around each chicken breast and secure it with a cocktail stick. Place the wrapped chicken on a baking tray and brush with olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes. Leave the chicken to stand for 5 mins before slicing in half on the diagonal to serve.