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How to decide what you want to eat

Personally I give myself permission to eat anything these days, it doesn’t have to be low fat or sugar free, it’s whatever I fancy and that’s meant odd combinations at times or eating a chicken dinner at 9am! When you can have whatever you want, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to decide exactly what you feel like eating. We are so used to deciding based on a set of rules we have about food, by looking at what’s available or just eating what we’re offered/given or what we should eat because it’s a particular time of day.

Here's a way of finding out what you WANT to eat:

Close your eyes (or not!) for just a moment, and ask yourself:

If I could have anything at all - nothing is forbidden - would I like something:

• Hot, cold or room temperature?
• Sweet, salty, sour or bitter?
• Crunchy, chewy, smooth, melting or creamy?
• Bland, savoury or spicy?
• Repetitive or varied?

The best way to find out what you really want is to tune in rather than looking in the fridge and the kitchen cupboards.

Often we limit our choices to what’s possible and available. Why not tell yourself, when you tune in, to imagine that you can really have WHATEVER you want, without limits. Even if you know there is no way you could actually have it at that moment. By making everything available we give ourselves the chance to really identify what we want. And if your body wants avocado salad even though all you can get your hands on is a ham sandwich or you realise that you really want warm treacle tart with cream, or a juicy steak and chips when it’s just not physically possible to have it, then your very likely to find that that you’ll keep wanting it until you get it.

So even if you can’t have it at that very moment, you can make do with whatever is available, knowing that that’s what you’re doing – making do. And then you can make sure you get what you really wanted as soon as you can.

You are likely to find that it’s easier to settle for something you don’t particularly fancy when you know that you’ll get what you really want soon.

When you give yourself permission to eat anything, when you legalise all foods, you’ll find that they’re not as appealing as they were, and you don’t need to eat them as often.