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Would you like you & how thin do you want to be?!

Me and my bestie were waffling as we do and of course as Weight Watcher leaders and females there’s always talk of food and weight, I’d said something about being just as happy with my fuller figure if not more so than when I was a size 8-10, we were discussing how men don’t seem to care about a women carrying extra weight and she said, “What goes through your head when you see a skinny man?” Mmm that made me think, I’m not a fan of ‘skinny’ at all if I’m honest! Are you?

Then I saw a post on Facebook saying "You wouldn't want a steak that was nothing but bone, why would you want a woman that was?

How true - you wouldn’t want a steak that was nothing but bone, so why would a man want a woman that was and why would you want a man that was?

The next thing I saw was this statement;

"Would you like you, if you met you? "

It’s an interesting question? If you were at a party and met yourself and started chatting, would you care what you weighed or looked like? Is that how you choose your friends and the people you love in your life? I hope not! Personally some of the most interesting, wonderful people I know are larger in size, coincidence maybe or just a love of all things good – who knows ;) I love that when I typed that last sentence faces of people I adore went through my mind!

Size and shape certainly is not important to me; I think all my friends and family and loved ones are gorgeous. I know some amazing people with beautiful souls. When I talk to them or spend time with them, I’m not looking at their shape or thinking about their weight, I’m listening to them and enjoying their company.

Would you like you, if you met you? So we spend time with people whose company we enjoy, would you enjoy your company if you were someone else? Do you like the person you are? Are you a nice person? Having good qualities and an interesting personality is way more important than being thin!

Everyone benefits from self awareness, life can take it out of you, it can really knock the stuffing out of you sometimes, but never forget life is short so don’t make it any harder than it has to be, don’t let the difficult times make you bitter or resentful.

So take a good look at yourself, who/what do you see, what kind of person are you, how would you describe your character, your personality to someone who didn’t know you?! It’s way too easy to turn into someone you wouldn’t want to spend any time with, if you let all the bad times/things in life stay with you and make you a negative being. Put everything into perspective, don’t take life too seriously, all the crap from your past has made you who you are now, don’t hold on to resentment it’s not pretty, don’t try to be someone else, you’re perfect as you are - feel free to improve yourself though. Is there something other than your weight that you’d like to change? Are there other aspects of your life you’d like to improve? Do you have any baggage you’d like to let go? What’s stopping you? If you’re blaming others – stop it, once you’re over 16, you’re responsible for your own life, stop blaming your parents. So if you want to make changes start now, don’t wait till you’re thinner, richer or whatever excuse you’re using – start now! Write it down, what you want to do, then work out how you can – do it one step at a time. You can use this tactic to help you lose weight too, as long as you’re losing weight for the right reasons of course! Remember nothing worth having comes easy.

So would I like myself if I met me? I think I would, I know I’d wind me up occasionally because that’s a talent I have, I know I’d annoy me sometimes because most people annoy me at times but overall I’d like to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and have a giggle with me ;) I hope you feel the same about you, if not – you can do something about it BeYOUtiful. xx