Bev's Happy Owls

Look for inspiration

I look everywhere and anywhere for positivity, inspiration and motivation, I suggest you do too. By searching for these things and keeping them close, I become happier, below are two beautiful poems that have stuck with me since the first time I read them.


See a grey sky as silver,
See a dull day as bright.
Change your perception Of reality,
Experience the light.

See a black night as magical,
A stage for the stars,
See a howling wind, a wise one,
Bringing teachings from afar.

See a downpour as a blessing,
Cleansing the old.
See all as beauty,
Let wonders unfold.

Change behaviours, switch thoughts,
Look with different eyes.
See wonder, see beauty,
Soar to the skies.

(Kay Challenor, Kaiamea)

This Day

When you awake tomorrow morning something wonderful begins. A new day. A unique day. A day that has never happened before and will never happen again.

This day is a lifetime in miniature. The morning is your birth and the evening your growing old. The sleep time is you dying and the following morning your rebirth.

This day is to learn from, another chance to get it right, another opportunity to learn, to grow and to be more. As you learn and develop so your life gets better and better, underwriting your whole purpose and existence.

During this day something will happen that has never happened before. Try to recognise this.

During this day something will happen that will never happen again. This will be harder to recognise.

Here and there during this day realise its uniqueness & glory in it. Whenever possible use it to the full.

There are only so many for each of us.
Try not to take them for granted.

(A H Norris)