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Stop being a dustbin

Here’s an exercise you can do if you have an issue with throwing away food.

Write down all your beliefs about waste on some strips of paper. e.g. Good food is expensive; there are starving children in Africa; it’s just wrong to throw good food away… etc.

Now for each belief, go through the questions below.

How does believing this impact the way you eat?
Would eating the food help?
Where did you get this belief from?
Is it out of date?
Do you want to keep it or let it go?

Take a pile of all those you want to let go of, read out the beliefs your willing to let go of and ‘symbolically’ throw them in the bin. These beliefs can take time to really let go of. You need to be patient with yourself and notice as much as you can about how these beliefs impact your willingness to STOP eating when you’ve had enough. You’ll get there when she’s ready.

It is important to acknowledge that WASTING food is not ideal nor is it what I’m encouraging you to do. What I am saying is that:

Eating it doesn’t mean it’s NOT wasted! If your body doesn’t need it because you have had enough, then it’s already wasted – inside or out!

If you are eating it because you don’t want it to go to waste, you are saying that it’s WRONG to throw it in the bin to rot, but it’s OK to throw it in your body where it will not be doing you any good as you don’t need it!

What you are saying is that it’s OK to treat yourself as a dustbin!


If you want to avoid wasting food… experiment with:

• Buying less or shopping more frequently for perishable foods.
• Cooking less.
• Using serving dishes rather than plating up (so that everyone decides how much they want based on appetite).
• HONEST shopping (buying what you WANT to eat rather than what you
• think you should eat!).
• And finding suitable ways to deal with leftovers.