Bev's Happy Owls

At the crossroads

Decisions, decisions!
Sooner or later,
every journey through life reaches a crossroads.
So, how do you decide which way to go?
Past experience is a great educator, providing it’s neither tainted by bitterness or viewed through rose tinted glasses.
Be objective, prejudice is the enemy of good sense.
Take all the time you have…..
Sleep on it, and don’t be tempted to decide anything during the hours of darkness when perspective is distorted by shadows.
Advice from others is only as trustworthy as those who offer it, and only then if they have no vested interest in its outcome.
Listen to your conscience above all other voices.
And, once decided, go ahead with faith, commitment
and purpose.
These are the driving forces that provide the fuel for your journey.
Never leave the crossroads without them.
Written by David Prowse