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50 things I love about me!

Could you do it? Could you write a list of 50 things you love about yourself? I didn't think I could the first time I was asked to, but once I got started - it was easy!

Have you noticed how you find it really easy to pick faults with yourself and put yourself down, but when it comes to bigging yourself up, that's when the difficulties start.

So think about it for a moment, then grab a pad and start writing. Can't think of anything, remember they can be anything, it might even be something others don't like about you, but you like yourself.

I've lost the original list I wrote then first time I was asked to do it, but I did find this one I wrote a good few years ago (around 2009ish). I found writing it very fulfilling and reading it back today made me smile and see how I've changed somewhat, but I'm still very much the same me!

1. Everything - according to my mom I'm wonderful and she's never wrong
2. I have lovely teeth & a fantastic smile - that's 2 things by the way!
3. I always try to see the positive
4. I motivate people
5. I'm grateful for my life
6. I have a quick tongue!
7. I never take anything for granted
8. I'm kind
9. I love my terrible memory because then I don't remember the bad stuff
10. I also love that I have a weight problem because it means I have a real passion for food and drink and I'm happy when I fit in my clothes
11. Funny
12. Caring
13. Can be very patient (not always!)
14. Tolerant (again depending on circumstances!)
15. A good friend to have
16. Generous
17. Hard working
18. Agile - I can bite my toe nails
19. Ability to sleep on a clothes line - or a dormouse as my friend Chantel calls me ;-)
20. Very good at motivating people (so my pal Sarah says)
21. I have great enthusiasm & passion for life
22. I don't mix my words (so Sarah says again ;-0)
22. I can inspire people (Sarah again)
23. Slightly crazy (Sarah's last comment!)
24. Blunt (Chantel comment)
25. I have the most amazing close friends
26. And lots of lovely acquaintances
27. Stamina - can walk for miles even when exhausted and in pain
28. Ability to find things in the chaos that is my office
29. Great organisational skills
30. Passion for good food
31. Love of red wine
32. The ability to lose myself in a good book or film
33. I like the fact I always enjoy going to work
34. I love that seeing a heron in the sky ensures I have a good day!
35. Can see both sides of an argument
36. I'm always right though even when I'm wrong
37. My eyes change colour
38. I like that I'm always willing to do things on my own, I don't wait until someone else wants to do it
39. I take a good photograph
40. People seem to like me - I like that ;-)
41. love cheesy bad pop songs
42. I'm turning into my mom. More and more each day!
43. I put myself out for others
44. I multitask well
45. Reliable
46. Punctual
47. Individual
48. Easily pleased
49. Can knock a meal up in 5 minutes (it might not be delicious but it'll be edible!)
50. Witty
51. Hopeless romantic (believe it or not!)
52. I appreciate life & everything it has to offer
53. I like that I fit in my skinny jeans ;-) mmm that was a few years ago, now I like the fact it doesn’t bother me that I can't!
54. I'm a good listener, although I may not remember what I've been told afterwards!
55. Most of all I love that I never give up on things that are important to me, such as my own happiness.

There you go, I got 55!

How many can you get?......